The Cooking Class

Located in our lush Targa Center, the cooking class is a fun, relaxing experience where you will make your own Moroccan dish with our chefs, while learning about Amal as well as Moroccan cuisine and culture. The three-hour class includes a traditional tea ceremony, and ends with you enjoying the most delicious Moroccan food you will have during your time in Morocco :)
“Before I came to Amal, I was a hopeless divorced woman who thought that the train passes by and has no purpose in life. I realized after graduation from Amal that it's never too late to study and to change my life to achieve my
Amal's Trainee
Our classes

A taste of Morocco could be the best thing you take home

Cooking Class

Choose a dish from our list of classic Moroccan favorites and make it the authentic way.
- Make your own dish from scratch
- Learn about different spices and their use
- Cook the traditional way over coals
- Pick herbs and mint in our garden
- Enjoy a tea ceremony to see how Moroccan tea is made
- And finally, enjoy the fruits of your labor at the end of the class!
MAD 400 per person for tajines
MAD 500 per person for couscous or pastilla
Timing: 9:30 to 1 pm, Monday through Friday
Location: Click Here

Baking Class

Learn to make delicious Moroccan baked goods with our chefs.
- Choose your goodie: Gazelle horns, Ghreyba cookies, Msemmen and more.
- Get your hands dirty, and learn the secrets of Moroccan baking.
- Enjoy your goodies along with some heavenly mint tea
Price: MAD 300 per person.
Timing: 2 to 4 pm, Monday through Friday.
Location: Click Here
why this cooking class?

An immersive cultural experience

We love the atmosphere that is created in our classes, as our students come from all over the world, which makes for some interesting and fun exchanges. It is also a safe space to learn about Morocco and the experience of Moroccan women in particular. The cooking class is also a great way to support the work we do. We can't wait to see you there soon!

What people say about Amal's classes

“The whole experience was absolutely amazing and would highly recommend to anyone passing through Marrakesh the take one morning off to really have fun and eat something delicious. The location was beautiful, a spacious kitchen, a lovely orchard where they grow their own produce and a lovely terrace to enjoy the tea and food prepared. The class itself was real fun because we were a big group of about 12 people and could observe all the different recipes before and after making ours... So, if you like cooking, eating or just want to try a new experience and eat something good that you actually made, don’t think twice, book yourself a class and help a good cause!”
Cooking Class
“All for women. All by women.
Thankful for Chef Fatiha for her grace & patience teaching me how to make lamb Tangine, and to all the beautiful, kind, and hospitable women I met, saw, and engaged with.”
“I had an amazing cooking experience and I am someone who does not cook! The instructors were wonderful. I learned a lot about spices and flavors and left with the confidence to try the recipes on my own.”